How painful are tattoos?

Getting a tattoo? And are you in dilemma about how painful are tattoos?  Learn about the different kind of pain clients experience during their tattoo sessions.

Tattoo is a process of inserting and re-inserted a needle into your skin over and over again. And while you have needles inserted and re-inserted into your skin will surely not be pleasant or painless. Every single individual have their own tolerance level for pain. So, it highly depends on the individual about how painful getting a tattoo is. Also, the level of pain while doing a tattoo depends on the placement as well as the size. Every individual while getting tattooed has experienced pain but the pain they experienced are differently explained from one another.

Some clients explained getting tattooed is somewhat like a mosquito or ant bite but multiple times. Some says getting tattooed feels like sharp blade cuts l. Some clients who got smaller tattoos have explained that getting is kind of painless because the first touch of the needle felt a bit ticklish and after few minutes their tattoo was complete and they did not feel any pain. And for some clients, their pain experience was like scratching over a cut repeatedly.

Talking about how painful tattoos are, as mentioned above that the level of pain also depends on the placement of your tattoo. Some part of your body is rather sensitive than the other part of your body. Like, if you are planning to get tattoos done on your armpit, ribs cage, behind your knees, ankles and shins, elbow and knee cap, groin, nipples and breasts, hips, neck and spine, head, face, ears and lips, hand, fingers, feet, palm, toes, stomach and inner biceps then surely you will have to experience more pain than the least painful spots. Here are some of the least painful spots while getting a tattoo done. The least painful spots are upper outer thigh, outer biceps, forearm, outer shoulders, and calves, upper and lower back.

The level of pain experienced also depends on the client who is getting tattooed and the artist who is doing the tattoo. Pain depends on clients because of their tolerance level and artist because some artists have very light hand and are very gentle to your skin. There are artists who can be a little harsh on your skin.

So, if you are planning to get tattooed and it’s your very first experience then do learn about the most painful and the least painful spot or part of your body while doing a tattoo. Choose your tattoo and it’s placement wisely and your tattoo artists too.

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