How often should tattoos be touched up?

After you are done tattooing, or if you have a tattoo, you might have a question that how often should tattoos be touched up? Before getting to how often you need to touch-up your tattoo, you need to know the reason why does your tattoo need touch-up. Tattoos need to be touched up for a various different reasons. It is important to watch out if your tattoos are washed-out or have patchy coloring, cloudy lines, or uneven shading. If your tattoos show any of these problems then you surely need to get your tattoos touched up. You will know if your tattoos need touch-up after your tattoos are healed. Sometimes, just after the skin’s healing process is over, you may notice few imperfection and you need to get that imperfection corrected with the touch-up. And if you do not see any imperfections in your tattoo, it is better if your artist take a look at your tattoo after the healing process is completed. Because your artist will be able to see if there is any flaws or if your tattoo needs correction.

According to a senior artist at Traditional Tattoo, “Tattoo touch-ups will not be that necessary for few years, if you take a good care of your tattoos during the healing process as well as in future and follow every after care advice by your artist seriously.”

If you do not give a proper care to your tattoo during and after the healing process, then surely your tattoo will need a touch-up immediately i.e. within the first six months. But if you follow all the advice and instructions provided by your tattoo artist like after care during healing process, moisturizing your tattoo regularly, applying sunscreen when you are outdoors, not swimming without sunscreen application and many more.

Touch-up or re-touch-up for your tattoo within few years is not necessarily compulsory but if you want your tattoo to look like it was in the first year for any years to go, then surely it is a better to have your tattoo touched up.

Also the type of tattoo can determine when or how often does your tattoo need touch-up. If you have Oriental style, Japanese style, Neo-Traditional style, Traditional style, Old school style, Patterns tattoos and Dot tattoos then you might not need a touch-up frequently. These style tattoos have a long life. Learn more about the tattoos which have long life here.

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