How much do simple tattoos cost?


Are you planning for your first tattoo? Or are you getting a simple tattoo? And are you wondering how much do simple tattoos cost? You are at the right place.

Before buying any product or any service, every individual needs to know the cost of the product and service pricing. Having curiosity on the cost charged is normal among every individual. Here, you will get brief information on how much will a simple or small tattoo cost you.

Rates of tattoos in Nepal are mostly charged as per hour. For a small and simple tattoo, it can range anywhere from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 based on the artist and studio policy. Simple and small tattoos are done charging the starting price of the artist or the studio. Every tattoo studios in Nepal have their own starting price. Read more to know how much do simple tattoos cost.

Every individual have a misconception that getting a single word tattoo must be charged very low. But in fact, even if you get inked a single word or single letter, the charges may be same. It is because even if you get inked a single letter or a word, the materials and equipment used are same. Basically, getting a simple tattoo will cost you the setup charges and minimum of artist’s charge. Tattoo studios have their own setup charges which vary because of the type of needles, ink, sanitation and other materials they use. Simple and small tattoos are designed and charges are preferred on a flat payment basis based on the artist and the studio’s policy.

Some tattoo studios may suggest you to get few tattoos in same pricing rather than getting a single one because of the setup and material costs. Since, small tattoos are very popular these days among the ladies; they prefer to get a symbol, a sign, initial letter of them or their loved ones, small flowers, their zodiac symbols, and many more.

If you are planning to get multiple small tattoos done than a single one, you might be wise to get them all done in a single session or on the same time, which could save your money if they are quick and easy to do. Thus, in my opinion if you want a simple tattoo with small size then you can have few more small tattoos done at the same time within the exact same price.

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