Can you work out the day after the tattoo?

Every client after getting a tattoo should be aware about whether they can work out the day after getting a tattoo or not. It is very necessary to have the knowledge about the dos and don’ts after getting a tattoo. Clients should be aware that they should not work out immediately after getting a tattoo. You should give your skin and tattoo some time to heal before you resume your workout and physical exercises. You must know holding off exercises are beneficial for your new tattoo.

It is very important to have knowledge if you can work out after you get a tattoo. Here are some reasons why tattoo artists do not suggest working out after getting a tattoo.

Firstly, when you get a tattoo done, you may notice that tattoo process involves breaking the skin with hundreds of tiny puncture wounds. Since, a new tattoo is an open wound, it will be easier for the germs to enter your body. And gym equipment can carry harmful bacteria.

While working out, your skin stretches out and sweat. Stretching and sweating around the fresh tattoo can interrupt the healing process of your tattoo.

After every tattoo is complete, the tattoo artist always suggests whether you can work out or not. Or the artists will surely suggest when you can start your physical exercise.

Your tattoo artist will most likely suggest you to wait at least a week before you start your regular work out which clearly explains whether you can work out the day after getting a tattoo. But the time you need to wait to resume your physical exercise may vary considering the size and placement of your tattoo.

Tattoo healing process may take 4 to 6 weeks to complete which means you cannot do physical exercise that can affect the area you got your new tattoo.

If you are tattooed on your lower body then it is fine to do your core or arm work. And if you are tattooed on the upper body, you can do squats and lunges which will not involve your tattooed area. But in some cases, it might be difficult for you to exercise due to a large piece of new tattoo.

This article is completely based on the advice from tattoo artists and it gives you some ideas if you can work out the day after your tattoo.


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